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Linyi Yu Guo Pollen Service Center is a professional pollen provider for apple, peer, peach, apricot, and cheery trees. Under the guidance of experts and professors from Life Science College of Linyi University, it already has decades of experience in fruit trees pollination experiment, demonstration and promotion which brought up visible social benefits.

Linyi Yu Guo Pollen Service Center owns not only sets of advanced equipments for fruit trees pollen production and testing but also scientific pollination techniques.¡­¡­More

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Address£º No. 8 Shunhe Road, Lanshan District, Linyi, Shandong province, P.R. China. 276000.

Pollination Techniques

Ò»¡¢Pollen quality test
Along with the continuous change of natural ecological environment and poor ...more
¶þ¡¢Artificial pollination methods
The Yu Guo fruit trees pollens sold to orchardists are the pollens that have been sufficiently...more